Lean Government


Five Star Consulting LEAN Government Services was established in 2008. Our company will assist government agencies, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations in streamlining their work processes resulting in significant cost and resource savings.

FSC Lean government adopts waste-reducing concepts typically used in a manufacturing environment and applies the principles to procedures in government.

We offer:

     -  experienced facilitators

     -  proven track record of successful internal and external Lean efforts

     -  knowledge of government processes

     -  Immediate on-site consultation availability

FSC Lean government enables agencies to work more effectively and efficiently to protect human health and the environment by identifying and eliminating waste in government processes. Originally developed in the manufacturing sector, Lean is a business model and collection of methods that eliminate non-value added activity or "waste."

FSC Lean government refers to the application of Lean principles and methods to government processes. Lean methods, as well as Six Sigma quality improvement methods, apply to all types of processes, including administrative processes in government and service sectors. Numerous government agencies, including EPA, are now using Lean to dramatically improve the quality, transparency, and speed of government processes.

Lean government projects are producing compelling results at government agencies.

     -  More than 20 federal agencies, ranging from HUD to DOD, are using Lean to increase
         productivity in key processes by more than 50% and shorten processing timeframes by as much
         as 90%.

     -  More than 20 state environmental agencies are using Lean to dramatically improve permitting
         and other processes.

Applying FSC Lean to government processes helps create a continual improvement culture that frees employees to focus on engaging, value-added work and problem solving. It directly involves employees in designing and implementing better, smarter, and faster processes.